'Monet Createz' was founded by Alexis Mone't Fant, a graduate of Prairie View A&m University with a B.S in Digital Media Arts with Magna Cum Laude honors.
Alexis' love and passion for design and art started at a very young age of 10, where she enjoyed drawing her favorite cartoons and made up characters from imagination.
Through maturity, she enjoyed the thought of creating/recreating ideas of her own through the process of Digital Branding.
In 2022, while still in school she was asked by small business owners and friends to create designs for their businesses, which led her to start 'Monet Createz' a digital brand development business. Specializing in numerous graphic design branding factors.

Fun fact: Alexis' middle name Mone't was named after the famous artist, Claude Mone't. How crazy! It was meant to be.
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